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Women In Blockchain-Around the world streamed with Lavinia D Osbourne

In the world of crypto and web3, we saw bank fails and bank rescues! The value of bitcoin increased off the back of these events!

A series of arrests; continued talks around CBDC; and long attendee queues for blockchain events, particularly Paris Blockchain Week, proving that the interest in this space is definitely not dead or going anywhere.

It was also womensmonth with this year’s IWD theme being embraceequity. Something that needs to be taken seriously especially when you read articles and reports, such as McKinsey & Company‘s women in the metaverse featured insights, where they write “Even in the metaverse, women remain locked out of leadership roles”. (The article link is here –

This is why it is important to highlight women leaders in the space, support them as well as invest in them. It is also why, as women, we have to continue to show up and be the leaders and representatives that we want to see in this world. RepresentationMatters!

And it is for this reason that as part of WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks‘ iwd2023 festivities I interviewed and “celebrated” four blockchain female leaders from around the world: Rebekah Jenkins from TMN GlobalMyrtle Anne ???????? from Block TidesHena Venugopal from Envied FutuR and Dr Anino Emuwa from 100 Davos Women.

Check out their interviews below:

Wk 1 with Rebeckah Jenkins (USA/EU) –
Wk 2 with Myrtle Ann (SE Asia – Phillipines) –
Wk 3 with Hena Venugopal (India/USA) –
Wk 4 with Dr Anino Emuwa (Africa/EU) –

Finally, if you are looking for a proactive award-winning blockchain community to join, focused on pragmatic learning, opportunities, fun networking, and with DEI at the forefront then go here

We have great things lined up for this coming month of April!

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