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Should I even introduce the problem of the planetary crises we are facing, or the role plastic plays in this problem? At UNIVERSAL PLASTIC® (UP), we specialised in data management to fightagainst plastic pollution by incentivising plastic clean-ups from marine ecosystems.

As a fanatic for social and environmental development and new challenges, I joined a decarbonization initiative last year at the Centre of Blockchain in Catalonia (CBcat). Together with my team, we won the challenge and since then I have immersed myself in the world of blockchain technology. I developed a deep passion for utilizing its potential in the incentivization of regenerating ecosystems and since half a year I found a way to express this in the company UP.

Universal Plastic (UP) is a pioneering technological initiative backed by the Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies and is based on AI and Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in our goal of regenerating marine ecosystems since it enables us to manage plastic data in a secure, transparent, tamper-proof manner.

The platform guides waste collectors through the plastic data registration process, from collecting to successfully deposing the waste. This enables users to earn plastic and carbon credits. These credits provide income opportunities for those collecting plastic because businesses can purchase the credits to onset their plastic and carbon footprint. Additionally, this immutability of the blockchain ensures that plastic and carbon credits are accurately tracked and tradable, making it possible to give full insight into the credits’ impact in restoring marine ecosystems.

By providing an inclusive and trustworthy way to manage this process, UP connects corporations with ESGs by engaging them with local communities, and organizations who are actively restoring nature.

Overall UP’s plastic and carbon credits generation system is creating a digital blue economy ,fostering not only environmental but also social change. It is a great learning experience for all of us and we believe that the combination of blockchain technology and environmental regeneration has the potential to create a powerful force for positive change. It’s exciting to see how these two fields can work together.

If you want to get involved or want to know more, check our LinkedIn, send me a message and let’s talk.

Growing up on a boat near a nature conservation area made me interested in the environment from a young age. I have a strong desire to learn and adapt to new challenges. I am eager to work with professionals in climate change and carbon markets. Recently, I joined the motivated team at Universal Plastic, which incentivises plastic waste collection through new technologies. I was also part of the carbon challenge led by BSV and CBcat, where I gained insight into data-driven approaches that can accelerate the transition towards incentivising carbon sequestration and contribute to fighting climate change.

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