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Top 100 Women Of The Future

Women In Blockchain Talk’s Founder Lavinia D Osbourne is included in the “Top 100 Women of the future” legacy project celebrating 100 women leaders and trailblazers in Web3 and Metaverse.

The initiative is created in collaboration with male allies who share the objective of driving positive change toward having more diverse leadership at the forefront of emerging technologies

Some of the amazing women featuring in book: Ayumi Moore Aoki |Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld | Dr Jane Thomason | Irina Karagyaur | Linda Goetze | Lily Wu | Amrita Sethi | Gabrielle Pelicci Ph.D. ? | Avery Akkineni | Sanja Kon | Vera Futorjanski | Dr Anino Emuwa | Beenish Saeed | Camille Merré | Aline d’Ambricourt | Radhika Iyengar-Emens, MBA | Cathy Hackl | Nova Lorraine | Ayesha Mubarak Ali ?

A huge congratulations to the visionaries, editorial board, and team behind including Sue Rooney | Lauren Somer | Tarja Stephens | Janna Salokangas | Tommaso Di Bartolo | Anne-Marie Enns | Olayinka Odeniran, M.Sc., CISM, PMP | Elizabeth Irizarry

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