You are currently viewing Speakers of Our IWD2024 Event, Women In Blockchain Talks(WiBT).

Speakers of Our IWD2024 Event, Women In Blockchain Talks(WiBT).


In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, it’s crucial to ensure that no one gets left behind. Despite the UK’s advancements in embracing emerging tech, there’s still a significant portion of the population struggling with basic digital skills. Surprisingly, even digital natives—those who grew up surrounded by smartphones and social media—can find themselves lacking essential digital literacy when they enter the workforce.

According to The Evening Standard, approximately 10 million adults in the UK face challenges with basic computer skills, such as navigating the internet or performing online banking tasks. Bridging this digital divide is not only a matter of skill acquisition but also one of inclusivity and empowerment.

The potential of emerging technologies like decentralized finance (DeFi), cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence (AI) to foster inclusivity is immense. These technologies can empower individuals, providing them with more control over their financial assets and opportunities for growth. However, embracing these innovations requires proactive efforts to ensure that everyone can benefit from them.

To address these issues and celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024, WiBT (Women in Blockchain Talks) is hosting a panel discussion featuring accomplished women founders from various regions across the UK. These visionary leaders will explore how blockchain and Web3 technologies can be leveraged to create positive and inclusive impacts within different communities.

Let’s meet the inspiring speakers who will grace our event:

Lucy Hall – Founder of Digital Women:

A digital entrepreneur at a young age, Lucy later founded Digital Women, a community, event, and awards platform dedicated to empowering over a million women with digital skills.

Alison Chiwara FRSA – Founder of Human-Focused Ltd:

Alison is a Corporate Mental Health & Business Consultant. Alison specializes in ensuring corporate environments are conducive to mental well-being while maximizing productivity. She believes that a company’s greatest asset is its people, and focuses on creating an inclusive workplace culture that fosters growth and resilience.

Becky Lodge – Founder of Little Kanga Ltd:

Becky Lodge is an esteemed Director at TechRound’s, and a leading figure in the technology industry. With a particular focus on gender and diversity, Becky is a pioneer in promoting inclusivity in tech spaces. She is the Founder of StartUp Disruptors, the largest online business incubator in the U.K. aimed at supporting women and minority entrepreneurs..

Kaitlin Argeaux – Founder of CryptoMondays London and Publisher of City AM’s #Blockbeat:

Kaitlin Argeaux is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space, known for her innovative work and leadership in the field. As the Founder of CryptoMondays London, she has created a community that fosters knowledge sharing and networking among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals. Kaitlin’s dedication to educating and empowering individuals in the crypto space has been recognized by her inclusion in the ‘Rising Women in Crypto Power List’ for both 2022 and 2023.

The panel will be moderator by WiBT Founder and CEO, Lavinia D. Osbourne.

Our #IWD2024 event promises to be an inspiring celebration of diversity and inclusion in the blockchain industry. By amplifying diverse voices and fostering a sense of belonging, we aim to create a space where everyone can thrive in the Blockchain and Web3 revolution.

We are still confirming other guests as well as giveaways, so watch this space!

Stay tuned as we confirm additional guests and exciting giveaways! The event is proudly sponsored by Bitget and will take place at the vibrant web3 offices of Huckletree on Oxford Street, Central London.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a transformative conversation.

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Let’s build a future where everyone has a seat at the table.

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