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Ready to have a Breakfast Coffee With Women In Blockchain Talks?

Every month, WiBT hosts a Blockchain Business Breakfast networking event in Central London at the beautiful office of Penningtons Manches Cooper- A top-ranked UK and international law firm.

Our Business Breakfast events are created in a relaxed environment where professionals, entreprenuers and SMEs can interact and establish relationships. Our Breakfast meetings include presentations from different Blockchain and Web3 companies. Every month we have different guest speaker /company showcasing Blockchain/Web3 product and services.

It is a great opportunity to learn from each other, converse, create and collaborate, of which many collaborations and business transactions have been made.

Why should you attend?

These meetings allow people to begin their day with a productive discussion and still have the rest of the day to carry out their other tasks. The early start allows participants to avoid traffic and the distractions that may arise during the day.

Again, this is a great opportunity for participants to learn from each other, gain new insights and knowledge, and discuss current industry trends. A great way to build your own business ideas in Web3.

What do our ‘Guest Speakers’ say about the event?

"Speaking at Lavinia's event as a sponsor, I was able to acquire business deals worth over £100,000, as well as the sponsorship investment with a global Media company. Supporting a business like WiBT, especially one that is so invested in bringing diversity into the industry, is simply a no brainer for me. I would encourage anyone who is interested in blockchain, to attend Lavinia's events and community offerings.”
Osmin Callis
CEO,Block Venture Studio
"I can’t recommend these enough. It’s always a small friendly group of all levels of knowledge, willing to chat and share. I’ve learnt so much, and met fabulous people every time.”
Rose Tighe
Innovation Leader, Sky

To watch some of our of testimonials from other attendees from previous BBB events go here:

Unlock new possibilities for your business by attending our upcoming event. We promise to bring the quality engagement and connection! All we need is you.

This month’s event is on July 26th at 8:30 am BST for 2 hours.

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