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New Chapter Launches – Feb 2024

Women in Blockchain Talks is fostering diversity and inclusion in Web3 by continuing to expand their network to global and regional chapters. In 2022, WiBT launched different global chapters around the world in Warsaw, Berlin, Barcelona and Manchester, UK; originally, starting with Dubai in 2021 .

In 2024 we decided to focus on supporting more UK regions rather than focusing mainly on London.

Launching WiBT in Brighton: Another Milestone

Brighton is not only famous for its pebble beaches, vibrant arts scene and diverse culture. But it’s also gaining recognition for its growing technology hub.

The launch event in Brighton was a super success, bringing together individuals from all walks of life – business, students, graduates, and professionals – passionate about blockchain and emerging technologies.

Some of the key takeaways from the event were:

  1. The importance of social impact and wage recognition in different parts of the emerging world such as South Asia as we the Western world continue to rely more on emerging tech
  1. Being self-aware about who is in the room in order to promote diversity from all areas. Who can you invite? Especially women!
  1. Acknowledging that with tech disruption and growth comes job displacement, so, the importance of upskilling and community for both students and local businesses.

WiBT Brighton is led by Emily Ward, ACIM CMktr, along with co-leaders Rose Tighe and Kornel Kot. These leaders will drive the chapter’s activities, creating valuable opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking in the Brighton area.

Expansion to The Midlands - Birmingham: A New Chapter

The recent launch of our new chapter in Birmingham marks a significant milestone for WiBT. Birmingham, known for its vibrant tech content and the second largest city in the UK, in the heart of the magnificent Midlands area, is an ideal location for WiBT to expand its reach and impact.

The launch event was held at the beautiful “Art.Quater, a beautiful workspace in Central Birmingham. We had a small but engaged crowd, who were able to ask questions relevant to their industries such as Property, Law and Catering.

Interestingly, one of the attendees had written her dissertation around crypto and web3 citing Lavinia’s case Osbourne v Persons Unknown . She had not realised she was attending the event of the actual“Osborne” involved.

It goes to show that the work that WIBT and Lavinia are doing today is impactful and far-reaching in creating a more equitable tech world and society.

Will you support us?

We are looking for a Global Chapter leader and, ideally, 2 x Co-leads for Birmingham. Could this be you?

Looking Forward: Future Plans and Events

The launch of WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks Chapters in Birmingham and Brighton signifies a significant step forward in our mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the blockchain and emerging tech space. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors, partners, and supporters, and we look forward to building thriving communities in these vibrant cities.

As we embark on this exciting journey, WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks looks forward to hosting a diverse range of events, workshops, and discussions in Birmingham, Brighton, and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved!

Again, we extend our sincere thanks to Bitget for their generous sponsorship, enabling WiBT to organize impactful events and initiatives. Additionally, we appreciate the ongoing support from our Career consultancy partner, Quotacom and their CEO John Taylor, whose collaboration enhances WiBT’s outreach and impact.

We can’t thank the team from Silicon Brighton and Grace Prior enough for their invaluable support in partnering with the launch of WiBT Brighton Global Chapter and in supporting us with media and livestreaming (link as mentioned above).


How can I get involved with WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks?

We welcome anyone passionate about blockchain and emerging technologies to join our community! Join our Community and stay updated on upcoming events and opportunities to participate.

Are WiBT events open to everyone?

Yes, WiBT events are open to all individuals interested in blockchain and emerging technologies, regardless of gender or background. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute and learn.

Can I become a sponsor or partner of WiBT?

Absolutely! If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring or partnering with WiBT, please reach out to us through our website or social media channels. We value collaborations that support our mission of diversity and inclusion in the blockchain industry. You can contact us via email. Check out now:

What types of events does WiBT organize?

WiBT hosts a variety of events, including panel discussions, workshops, networking sessions, and conferences. Our goal is to provide valuable opportunities for learning, collaboration, and professional development within the blockchain community.

How can I stay updated on WiBT events and initiatives?

To stay updated on WiBT events, initiatives, and news, follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, or visit our website regularly for updates and announcements.

Want to lead a Global Chapter?

Go here – and fill in the application.

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