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My 2-year journey with Women In Blockchain Talks!

“It’s never easy, But it is possible!!”.

Many people ask me how I came into blockchain or what made me start in blockchain? I have only one answer, and it is Women in Blockchain Talks (WiBT).

I am sharing my story to celebrate two years but I also hope it will be somewhat inspiring for other women and/or any newcomers entering the blockchain space.

My name is Amala! I am a trailblazer who has embraced my inner strength to become a powerful force of inspiration in the Blockchain and Web3 world.

How I got started…

Back in 2021, I came to the UK to pursue my MBA with a degree in engineering already under my belt. Even though I had a technical background, my heart always longed to explore the world of business and leadership.

During my MBA journey, I came across the world of blockchain through LinkedIn posts and job openings and slowly I recognized that the blockchain was creating a wave of new opportunities. I have always possessed a fearless spirit and an appetite for learning, so I decided to delve deeper into this nascent field.

I started learning about this technology, absorbing every bit of knowledge I could find. To share my learning experience, I began writing a blog, called theblockchaingirl, this helped me to enrich my knowledge in blockchain . Through my blogs, people started recognising my talent and thirst for learning. Slowly the doors started opening up.

One day, I came across an internship opportunity at Women In  Blockchain Talks (WiBT), I applied and fortunately I got selected. WiBT is an amazing community founded by the visionary, Lavinia D Osbourne. It is a group of women gathering around the world to spread education regardless of age, gender, and diversity. WiBT has opened different global chapters and nurtured several women leaders to help the world, especially women to get inspired. Lavinia is a firebrand in Blockchain and her enthusiasm is helping many women around the world. 

From Intern to Blockchain & Web3 Pioneer:

Balancing my part-time work, internship, and studies, I managed to excel in all areas. When the time came for my final year MBA dissertation, I chose the topic ‘Blockchain and Branding’. I believe that  I was the only one among my colleagues who had the courage to choose  Web3 over Web2. Yes, I am always a change-maker everywhere because I don’t want to follow the same road that everyone takes.

As my expertise in the blockchain space grew, I received invitations to speak at various events, both in person and online, including top Web3 companies –  Adlunam, Intercoin, Ripple, IEEE SIESGST, and the European Business University, Luxembourg, In addition to speaking engagements, I also found success as a freelance Web3 event moderator and technical writer. In Sep 2021, I was listed in the Wirex Crypto power women  List.

Through my intern journey with WiBT and under Lavinia’s guidance, I continued to flourish. I started assisting WiBT in organizing events, and eventually, I got promoted to community and business development roles. Along with the WiBT team, I got the opportunity to work with various women leaders, blockchain developers and architects, entrepreneurs and business warriors. Also, helped me to connect with women from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Some final thoughts…

My journey is a testament to the power of determination and embracing change. And I succeeded in proving that with the right mindset and a thirst for knowledge, anyone can step into anywhere they want. As a woman and web3 enthusiast , I continue to inspire others, urging them to seek opportunities, learn new skills, and let their knowledge and eagerness shine through.

In a world that constantly evolves, I want to remind you that the only way forward is to keep learning, and keep growing. We are in the very very early stage of  Web3, and we have this new and novel technology so now is the time to contribute, now is the time to take action, now is the time to learn  so that the future is in our hands and able to make something out of it.

So, let my story be a reminder that opportunity awaits for those who seek it.


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  1. Annie

    Truly Inspiring

  2. Anand

    Hi Amala, I am happy to see your journey and achievements. Truly it is an inspiration for everyone. Keep doing the good work, wish you all the very best 🙂

  3. Finy

    Amazing Journey Amala.
    Congratulations and Best wishes for your next steps.
    Keep going

  4. Janet

    Hey Amala, an interesting read. Your journey is inspirational and you have achieved so much in a short time. Totally agree that “opportunity awaits those who seek it” keep rising by doing what you do ????????????????

  5. Janet

    Hey Amala, an interesting read. Your journey is inspirational and you have achieved so much in a short time. Totally agree that “opportunity awaits those who seek it” keep rising by doing what you do ????????????????

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