General Membership

The Women in Blockchain Talks Membership has had its doors open to crypto novices, Bitcoin enthusiasts, blockchain curious and those wanting to learn more about this innovative technology to enhance their career and life for nearly 2 years.

Blockchain technology is not a fad or a subject to be ignored. It is revolutionizing industries and creating wealth. LinkedIn calls it the “future of works”, so isn’t it time you staked your position in this emerging landscape of work, money, and tech innovation?

Women in Blockchain Talks is women-led and women focused. Our ethos is on promoting inclusivity and diversity as such our community is open to all genders. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing space to learn; a space that simplifies and makes subjects usually packed with jargon more accessible and interesting.

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Business Plus Membership

Upskill your employees and empower your business in what Linkedin calls the ‘Future of Works’.

Have you heard the term blockchain? Already have teams in place utilizing blockchain technology to find business solutions? Maybe you support other businesses with streamlining, security and processes. 

Blockchain seems complicated, and it definitely can be, but its core concept is really quite simple. A blockchain is a type of database or ledger.

Via our corporate membership you get everything available in the Individual Membership (currently being updated), plus access to our Blockchain Business Breakfast offering.

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