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Let’s Talk Partnerships

Community, collaborations, and partnerships are key to the lifeblood of web3 businesses.

In the last several weeks WiBT has brought on and announced a number of great partnerships that we believe will add value to our community and members, giving them the education, understanding, skills, and contacts to walk confidently into the continuously burgeoning tech fields of AI, VR, AR, and Blockchain.

Our first LIVE to spotlight some of our new Partners will be with our ‘Careers and Jobs’ partner –, where we will talk to Emily Ward, ACIM CMktr, Marketing Manager & Chair of DEI & Sustainability Committee about what they look for in a Partner; what they hope to get out from their partnerships, other than contacts and clients of course, and finally, what is their overall strategy when working with a partner.

Watch here:

Join us every Tuesday during the month of April, at 1pm BST to find out more.

Women in Blockchain Talks – “Spotlighting a few, Creating Space for All”.

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