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Welcome July!

With the arrival of a fresh month, let’s embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. We have officially entered the second half of the year!

How has 2023 been for you? And what do you have planned for the next six months?

Women in Blockchain Talks walking into an exciting, productive and progressive next six months.

The beauty of life is that despite the challenges, it keeps on moving, and yes, pausing, taking a breath and self-care are paramount in everything we do, but ultimately we have to keep moving with it.

So, with that being said what does WiBT  Women in Blockchain Talks have coming up this month?

We have so many events and mini-classes to focus on this month, and we’re excited to share them as below:

🎯 Let’s Talk about Community and Web3:

🎯Tokenization 101:

🎯Around the Web3- Global Chapter Manchester:

🎯BBB Blockchain Business Breakfast:

🎯Lunch and Learn Online:


We have a number of other WiBT community events launching this month, so watch this space!

Happy new month!



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