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IWD 2023 Celebration

With everything going on yesterday, I did not get a chance to share my WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks IWD2023 post.


A big thank you to –
⭐ Sandra Ponce de Leon  -Co-Founder, More Women in Crypto
⭐ Ansylla Ramsey – Founder,
⭐ Rebekah Jenkins -Founder, TMN Global & CryptoWoman
⭐ Jasmine Ng -Co-Founder, Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA)
⭐ Catherine Vo– Founder, Web3 Mums
⭐ Modupe Ativie – African Lead, Global Blockchain Women Alliance,

for taking the time to participate in our initiative to celebrate other #leaders from women-led #web3 and #blockchain communities, something we want to continue to do because at WiBT, IWD is every day. And we believe that diversity is the DNA of Web3!

WiBT is about #collaboration and not competition. There is not enough diversity in the space for us not to be about collaboration, and as such, there is too much work to be done, for us to do.

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