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Global Chapter Launch: Warsaw

Women In Blockchain Talks Global Chapter launched in a packed room at the beautiful Venture Cafe Warsaw Foundation.

All genders were represented and I mention this because it is important to emphasize that the Women in Blockchain Talks community is open to all genders! And that the feedback is always the same at our events, which is “I love the energy! It is different from a heavily male-dominated event.”..and the truth is, it is! It is better when women are involved! lol!

The moderation from our global lead, Aga Marecka was popping and in her hands, I know this chapter is going to thrive.

A big thank you also, to our awesome guest, Paulina Paprzycka from Blockchain Girls, and Miłek Lindner (he/him), Program Co-ordinator at the cafe! I felt very welcome and appreciated.

And we have to say that Warsaw is definitely a city “popping” in its own right! We will be leaving again, with the sensation of being “impressed” by it!

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