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Our Global Chapter Events

Last year, WiBT introduced four different global chapters across the UK and Europe. Our energetic global chapter leaders are doing great! And the feedback from these events are really inspiring and truly fuels our journey to move forward!

WIBT has hosted five in-person events during the months of April, May and June Two in Warsaw and Barcelona, and one in Berlin. In July we have an event from our Manchester chapter. The success of our events are in the continued leadership of our global chapter leaders and their co-leaders!  

Aga Marecka(Warsaw), Jocelyne Royer(Berlin), Paris Dufrayer (Barcelona), Kerstin Gold(Berlin), Sandra Adrian (Barcelona), Valeria Aragones Diaz (Berlin) and Tiffani Byrd (Barcelona).

We always want to bring what is current and best to our audience for them to grow and feel nurtured in the fast-paced emerging tech space.  

#Global Chapter Events

It is also fantastic to see so many people interested in exploring the Blockchain, Crypto, and  Web3 space. With every event there is a growing interest in this space.

#Global Chapter Events

Our future events will continue to showcase experts from the field who will share their insights and experiences on how these technologies are creating new possibilities and challenges.

So if you are from any of these locations you will have a chance to attend our events ! Stay tuned!

#Global Chapter Events

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