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How to join our Free Community?

Women in Blockchain talks Community is open to all genders, but even so, there is, in general, a huge drive underway to actively involve more women in blockchain discussions.

How to access WiBT community:
1. Go to and sign up
2. Then click the double opt-in / confirm your email
3. If you may have to login again. You can login via the mobile app or laptop.
4. Go to “My Library”.
5. Scroll down to your product and click on the #COMMUNITY product.
6. Then once you are in the community area, have a look around and say hi!
It is simpler to join than it might sound! And once you have familiarised yourself you can –
– Go to the “Meetups” section to see our various recordings and upcoming events.
– Check out our different groups and join the ones relevant to you.
– Leave a comment in the general group saying hi! And/or comment on other’s posts!
– Invite others to join the community / a community event aka one of our mini-classes.
– Get involved in our monthly challenge
– Share our campaign:

You can watch the video to help you get started in the community :

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