Women in Blockchain Talks is the award-winning No.1 global leading diversity-driven blockchain education and networking ecosystem. By amplifying underrepresented voices within blockchain our mission is to give the skills and the confidence to anyone – regardless of age, gender, nationality or background – to blaze their own personal or professional trail within the metaverse and web3. We are women-led and women-focused but welcome all genders!

Women in Blockchain Talks is the winner of ‘The best Fintech Networking Award – UK’, as well has been nominated for a National Diversity Award for Best Community, and The Best Diversity Resource/Initiative Award for The Inclusive Companies Awards 2020.

In addition to running monthly global networking events, Women in Blockchain Talks has a growing online community available to all, where blockchain updates, monthly mini-classes, commentaries on current affairs, and discussions are shared and held. This is the place to be in order to be kept abreast of all new WiBT updates, events, and special offers.

We are are also on a mission to onboard 50k women from web2 into blockchain and web3 by the end of the year. To help us do this, we created a quiz, and based on your results you will receive the avatar best suited to you that will guide you on your next steps in what can be an overwhelming but also exciting and inspiring space.

So are you are a Diversity Deliah, Career Pivoting Charlie, Newbie Naomi, Sceptic Sam Or Technophobe Teresa?

Take the quiz now by clicking here to find out and then share your results on social media adding #50KWiBT to your post. 

To find other links related to Women in Blockchain Talks, please go here – https://linktr.ee/WiBT 

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