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A Partnership Conversation with Karen Chavkin.

“Community, collaborations, and partnerships are key to the lifeblood of web3 businesses,” say Lavinia D Osbourne, Founder of Women In Blockchain Talks.

Lavinia is currently hosting a series via social media LIVEs on Partnerships every Tuesday during the month of April. These LIVES shine a spotlight on dynamic women working in the Blockchain and Web3 space. The LIVES are streamed to the WiBT Linkedin, Twitter, and FB pages.

Last Tuesday, 11th April, our guest was Keren Chavkin Lior, Co-Founder of AIME, an AI-powered autonomous avatars platform for creating and managing 3D digital landscapes and autonomous avatars. 

AIME is now a partner company of Women In Blockchain Talks. The interview put the screws to  1. What is ‘AIME’ and what they hope to get from their partnerships, other than contacts and clients of course, and 2. What is their overall strategy when working with a partner?

Lavinia: What is it that you look for in a partnership? What is it that you are looking for, as always, partnerships are not just one way. It has to be given and taken, right? 

Keren: As the company itself is at “start-up” stage, the challenge is to have the trust of the partner in order to use cutting-edge advanced technology that has never been used before. For example, in our partnership, there is a way that technology will show your voice and communicate in the way that you communicate with your audience and community. So you really need to find a partner where there is a need for your solution. So, with that in mind we are creating a system that uses AI to help with or to leverage the use of customer service.

Partnerships are a form of marketing. AI has to be embraced and will be used by everyone. Through a partnership, we utilize others’ platform to showcase our business. This is what we can do. This is how we are doing it.

Lavinia: Who would be your ideal partner? Give an example of who your ideal partner would be?

Keren : We want maximum use of our technology and tools through partnerships with communities like yours. However, AIME is designed to be a versatile and adaptable tool for a wide range of tasks, assisting with language translation, and our capabilities can be useful for individuals and businesses in various industries. So, our ideal “partner” would be anyone who can utilize my language processing capabilities to achieve their goals, whether it’s creating content, automating customer service, or developing innovative applications.

To end, Web3 is a brand new space, it’s still nascent, but there’s a space for everyone. Collaborating with an ideal partner can help the rate of growth. Competition is fierce, but within the web 3 space “community” is the foundation. And so it has to have a collaborative spirit, especially right now, especially amongst women, and women who are leading in this space. 

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