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A note from Lavinia about WiBT Global Chapters!

Last year I had the idea to start a chain of WiBT Global Chapters! We were still coming out of lockdown and I was not sure how I would do it but I believe that what your mind can conceive, YOU can achieve. (Brownie points for those who know the origin of these words!  )


Sometimes it is not about the “how” but the “why”, cause the why will drive you to the how! My “WHY” is #diversity and #inclusion!

I want a #web3 and decentralised world where people who look like me are not marginalised or excluded or “limited” simply because of where they are from, how much money they have in their bank account, and/ or because of the bodies they were born into.


Diversity is not simply about aesthetics but also language and culture. Not everyone yearns the Western/American/European lifestyle, and not everyone speaks English, or speaks it well!

These global chapters are an opportunity for people from all walks of life, but particularly, women, to build the skills and the confidence required, regardless of age, gender, nationality or background to blaze their own personal or professional trail within web3 in a supportive, safe and secure environment.

As such I am super proud that this important intiative has come into being, and is already having a powerful and positive impact on people’s lives.



As a recap, we started our global chapter programme in Dubai with Randa al Rifai – WiBT’s Middle East Ambassador, leading it, last year. 

Then our next launch was in Warsaw this year in October, with Aga Marecka, leading the fore. We have now had two events there.

Then it was Manchester, with Jemma Fleetwood as our Global Chapter leader, with a second event which occurred last Wednesday.

Then Barcelona, with Paris Dufrayer, as our Global Chapter lead, which occurred two weeks ago; and finally Berlin, which was last Tuesday, with Jocelyne Royer leading it.

This launch was exceptional with the venue, Zoo Hotel, even matching our brand colours. 

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